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Italian Limousine Network, limousine Genoa Genova  offers you the finest and most complete limousine and car service in Genoa Genova   city. We provide transfer from Genoa Genova to  airport transfer from/to any Genoa Genova    hotel and transportation from/to any destination in Genoa Genova  and Europe. If you need point to point or time dedicated/as directed car or limousine service in Genoa Genova , booking your limousine with us

Genoa: Shore Excursion Five Lands

Luxury Limousine service: Full day 8 hrs. departure from Genoa and return to Genoa. You will be picked up at the cruise ship pier by our private English speaking driver with a luxury vehicle for the day trip (Limousine service). This tour will take you to the most interesting amenities in “Five Lands” (that is the name of landscape between the two extreme promontories “Punta Mesco” and “Punta of Montenero”). The 5 villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore make up the renowned Cinque Terre. Over the years, the people have succeeded in imposing their will on this difficult landscape through terrace cultivation consisting of narrow strips of land on the hillside or sheer cliffs called “fasce”. Local people had to build countless short dry walls “muretti” and steps to support the steep strips of land. From a research carried out by naturalists, the inhabitants of the Cinque Terre seem to have carried out an enormous task, over thousands of years, by constructing and repairing these famous short dry walls “muretti”. The two-metre-high, eleven thousand kilometer long network of dry walls is comparable to the Great Wall of China. There is a daily boat service, which allows you to move about from Lerici to Portovenere (but also from Monterosso, Vernazza and Rio Maggiore) and admire the whole of the Cinque Terre coastline and other places nearby. 

Excursion Genova & Portofino

Luxury Limousine service. Full day tour 8 hrs.: departure from Genoa and return to Genoa. You will be picked up at the cruise ship pier by our private English speaking driver with a luxury vehicle for the day trip. This tour will take you to the most interesting places in Genova & Portofino.The Aquarium. It is located in the marine park that the architect Renzo Piano created in the oldest part of the harbour. The purpose was to give the city a space in which resting,walking, cultural and touristic activities could merge. The aquarium itself is said to be the biggest in Europe. Very beloved by children,it is extremely interesting for adults too. Top visited are the penguin,dolphin and shark basins. You will stop first at the panoramic terrace of Castelletto. From here you’ll see the historical center of Genova,the port and the “Lanterna” or lighthouse which is considered the symbol of the town. Next you’ll enjoy a walking tour of the old city starting at the so-called “House of Colombo”, near the medieval gate of “Porta Soprana”and Piazza De Ferrari, the contemporary heart of the town with the Carlo Felice Opera House and beautiful fountain. St. George Palace. In the XIII century,the government of the Republic was installed in this building which later became property of the Banco di S.Giorgio, the administrator of the public finance. The most recent part, facing the sea, includes several beautiful halls decorated with paintings and sculptures. The medieval aisle has been strongly restored with a certain amount of fantasy about a century ago. Howewer, several original parts are still there. St.Lawrence’s Cathedral. The construction took several hundred years until the XVI century and different styles can be recognized. Elements of the XI-XII century church, which replaced the previous IX century one, are still visible along the sides, namely the portals, tombs and epigraphs. The black and white banded façade is rather common in Genova as well as in part of Tuscany. The sculptures in the façade are scenographically enhanced by the staircases rising from the lower square. Among them, the gotic column supporting lions and the Apostol with sunclock, commonly know as “l’arrotino”(the knife-grinder. The gotic portals of the façade outstand in the Italian architecture of the time. The lunette of the central portal, showing the Martyrdom of St.Lawrence, is particularly relevant. Palace of the Doges. This was the palace of the former rulers of the Republic of Genova, built at the end of the XVI century. The neoclassic façade co-exists with the remains of the previous medieval building at the left. A double courtyard opens toward the very center of the city. A majestic staircase introduces to the upper floor where the halls in which the government activities took place, the private apartment of the Doge and the Chapel are located. All of them are nicely decorated with paintings, frescoes and tapestry. Today the palace is a well developed cultural site where exhibitions, meetings and so on are currently held. A permanent settlement of antiquarian object and “brocanterie” shops is also hosted. Portofino has long been and still remains a capital of high society and the so-called “jet set”, but it is also much more. It's a bay and village of astonishing beauty with an important natural pier. It offers lush Mediterranean hillside forests and a charming village loaded with history and beauty. Portofino began as a Phoenician port, then was ruled by Rome and finally served the Republic of Genoa. It is a cultural meeting point and has been loved by writers and philosophers like Nietzsche, Maupassant and Truman Capote who all lived here. Your walking tour of Portofino includes the Oratory of Santa Maria Assunta, where is possible to see the traditional “Cristi”, a huge Crucifix that is carried through the town by the faithful during religious processions. You will also visit the church of San Giorgio on top of the promontory, with its extraordinary view down on the village. You will walk to the Lighthouse, through the verdant Regional Park and up to a terrace outlook facing the tranquil Tigullio Gulf. By the time you have finished with your private guided tour, you'll understand why this place is so highly regarded and famous all over the world.

Genoa: Excursion to Montecarlo (France)

Luxury Limousine service. Full day 8 hrs.: departure from Genova and return to Genoa. Once in your life you have to go for a day trip to Monaco. This mythic place, between the Alpes and the Mediterranean sea will offer you dreams and reality. On your own or with your family, for romantic holidays, simple tourism or a business trip, the Principality of Monaco will offer you a universe of many facets. Monaco Monte-Carlo provides you with many revelations, a highly cultured place with its many museums, the nicest hotels in the world, a sumptuous gastronomy and wellknown restaurants. Everything is done for your satisfaction ! Take the advantage of what Montecarlo has to offer by planning your stay in advance. You can visit: Monaco Top Cars Collection, Jardin Exotique et Grottes de l'Observatoire, Musée Naval, Musée Océanographique, the Casino in Monaco Monte Carlo. Designed by Charles Garnier, the legendary architect who also built the majestic Paris Opera, the Monte-Carlo Casino was dedicated to the art of gaming. With its frescoes in the style of Boucher, its bas-reliefs, sculptures and caryatids, and an astonishing gold and marble atrium, the architecture exerts an unforgettable emotional impact

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