Tour Gran Canal Venice

Tour 1 hour: departure from Venice Port with Private Guide Tour. Avoid the hordes of tourists to discover a relaxing and rewarding experience as you glide down the main "street" of Venice, living your VIP experience on your private boat.  The best way to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of a city built on water is by boat! Scenery along the Venice's Grand Canal are charming and worth visiting. Gliding through Grand Canal, you are introduced to the splendid palaces, churches, bridges, gardens and warehouses. The Grand Canal starts from Piazzale Roma (bus and car's parking place as the road from the mainland stops there) and continue through the beautiful and imposing buildings that line its banks to end (on the south side of the Lagoon) in St. Mark's basin, across the amazing Cathedral and the Doges' Palac

Venice: Palladio Villas Tour

City Tour

Luxury Limousine Experience: Full day 8 hrs. departure from Venice (Piazzale Roma) return to Venice (Piazzale Roma). You will be collected at the port or at your hotel by our private English speaking chauffeur (with luxury limousine) that will drive you through a magnificent tour along the Palladio Villas. Cultural and Historical Tour. This Tour proposes a route through Palladio's magnificent architectural masterpieces. Palladio is part of the ‘500 Neoclassical period (and this territory entailed his buildings). We will drive you to the most important villas, built in characteristic towns and surrounded by lovely views. We will propose you a Lunch in a Typical Restaurant of this area. The City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas (in Veneto region) are a World Heritage Site, protecting a cluster of works created by the architect Andrea Palladio. UNESCO inscribed the site on the World Heritage List in 1994. At first the site was called "Vicenza, City of Palladio" and only buildings in the immediate area of Vicenza were included. Various types of buildings were represented including the Teatro Olimpico, some buildings and a few villas. Most of Palladio's surviving villas lay outside the site. However, in 1996 the site was expanded. Its present name reflects the fact that it includes Palladian Villas throughout the Veneto area.

Venice: Dolomites and the Prosecco

City Tour

Luxury Limousine Experience (with your private English speaking chauffeur): Today the Dolomites and the Prosecco area are our destination – we will not only enjoy this well known mountain range but also the beautiful towns, villages and valleys which line the foothills of one of Italy’s most incredible mountain ranges (famous for Trekking tours).

This tour begins from Venice (Piazzale Roma) with our first stop in Misurina Lake. Here, we will get the chance to stretch your our legs and  have an amazing trekking walk through the Dolomites Park, breathing the famous ozone-rich air and therapeutic for asthma, up to the Misurina refuge. From this panoramic site you'll enjoy an amazing view of the Tre cime di Lavaredo (Lavaredo's three peaks); the walk takes about three hours in total.

Following, you'll enjoy your lunch in one of the best local restaurant to appease your hungry! 

(payment direct to the restaurant).

Next stop in Cortina visiting the beautiful pedestrian only walk-way, with it’s famous shops.

After a good coffee break, we'll start to Valdobbiadene, the most important Prosecco area.

Here, you'll visit one of the many wineries; you'll get the chance to taste some Prosecco wine (cost of wine-tasting not included)

At this time you will be surely satisfied of the tour and we'll drive you to your Venice hotel.

Venice: Trieste Castle and the Giant Cave

City Tour

Luxury Limousine Experience. Meet your private English speaking chauffeur in Venice (Piazzale Roma) at 9:30am.

In 1 hour and 30 minutes he'll drive you to Trieste: first stop at the Miramare castle.

The headland of Miramare is located only a few kilometres from Trieste city centre. Here, in a very privileged position, vertically to the sea, you'll visit the white castle commissioned by Maximilian of the Asburgo family of Austria (1832 – 1867), Francis Joseph’s younger brother.

Surrounded by a wonderful park of twenty-two hectares, with a moltitude of rare botanical species beyond belief , the castle is a rare example of a noble residence of mid-seventeenth century.

The park and the castle do represent Maximilian’s personality and interests: romantic, a dreamer, the young admiral and commander of the Austrian motor pool, unfortunate emperor-to-be of Mexico, he got fascinated by the beautiful mediterranean landscape, harsh and savage, of the headland of Grignano.

He decided to build his official residence here, and it had to represent the power of his dinasty, but it had to be a place for meditation and rest to share with his beloved consort, Charlotte of Sax,  Belgian king’s daughter.

It is possible to relive some of the moments of Maximilian’s life and passions through a succession of objects and documents linked to his long stay at Miramare: his love for sea and for maritime life, the government of the Lombard-Venetian region, the projects for the building of the castle, the sad epilogue of his political career in the far away land of Mexico.

The castle, made of two parts joined by an monumental staircase, includes the ground floor, first floor and mezzanine floor, with a crenellated tower facing the sea.

In the inside, perfectly preserved, the rich furnishings and the ornamental decorations can be admired. They characterise this prestigious example of eclectic style of the culture of the seventeenth century, and the castle attracts visitors from all over the world, yesterday as today.

Following the visit to the castle, you will enjoy a walk in the garden (on summertime only).

At this point, a good but not too expensive restaurant can be advised from your driver... 

Once appease the hungry, the next stop is the Giant Cave just few minutes far from the castle.